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Nutrition Basics for Fast Pain Relief (and Weight Loss)

January 14, 2019 by Sayan


1. Spend the first 30 days grain/wheat-free, dairy-free, and gluten-free.
a. That means no bread, no pasta, no milk, and obviously no cookies you Cookie Monster, you. And, of course, no added sugar (2 pieces of fruit is OK).
b. Restrictive? Yes.
c. Effective? Absolutely

2. Eat the following:
a. Meats/fish (fattier, grass-fed/wild-caught versions to nourish the body with clean, healthy fats and quality proteins)
b. Veggies (excluding starchy ones like corn, peas, and carrots)
c. Olive oil (for dressings, or to add post-cooking) (don't use for most cooking, since it goes bad under high heat)
d. Extra-virgin coconut oil (for medium/high heat cooking)
e. Eat until you are satisfied. Don't worry about eating too much - trust me, it's hard to overeat when you're chewing on nutrient-dense protein for example, as opposed to inhaling a red velvet cupcake

3. BIG ONE for pain relief: Avoid nightshades.
a. These include some fairly well-known veggies and spices that come from the
Solanaceae family, such as:
i. Potatoes, eggplant, tomatoes, peppers, paprika, Tabasco sauce, and more (sweet potatoes and black pepper are not nightshades)
b. The steroid alkaloids (one of 4 alkaloids) in nightshades, which include solanine, are the main offenders.
c. They are naturally-produced toxic substances that help the plants defend against insects, diseases and other predators.
i. These are very similar to lectins binding to glucosamine and penetrating our cell walls, as discussed in Chapter 11.
d. These alkaloids are thought to cause calcium loss in the bones, and excess calcium deposits in soft tissue.
i. As a result, there may be a significant pro-inflammatory response in the body
e. To avoid this pro-inflammatory response, if you have osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, or any form of joint pain, it is wise to cut these foods OUT for 30 days.
i. See how the body responds. Assess the damage (or lack thereof) and continue forward.

4. During the 30 days of this eating plan, you will be removing most food-based chemicals and allergens from your diet.
a. Many annoying health issues, including muscle and joint pain, aches, and stiffness, will seriously reduce significantly.
b. I'm not kidding, it's that simple. Food has a profound effect on pain, much more so than is commonly understood.

5. After the first 30 days, you can slowly experiment with adding foods back into your diet, and seeing how your body, skin, pain conditions, and mind react.
a. This process has been ESSENTIAL in helping me determine what I can and cannot eat for optimal health.
b. Only add in ONE FOOD per week. If you add more than 1 food and notice adverse reactions, you won't know which food is the troublesome one.

6. If you just can't fathom giving up regular milk, try Coconut and/or Almond Milk as an alternative (but no soy milk!).
a. Dairy is pro-inflammatory for many people but not so much for others. So, experiment with adding back it back into your diet after 30 days.

7. As for carbs: In the first 30 days, avoid them altogether (except for those from veggies and about 2 pieces of fruit).
a. After the 30 days, you can start experimenting with rice to see how joint pain and other health indicators (body fat, skin quality, etc.) respond.
b. Week by week, slowly add in other gluten-free, wheat-free carbs. Try sweet potatoes, quinoa, buckwheat, and millet.
c. You can try oatmeal and beans too, but they tend to be problematic unless properly soaked, sprouted and fermented.
d. Only if you are somewhat lean (under 20% bodyfat for men, 25% or so for women) AND training intensely, include white rice, sweet potatoes and/or yams during your post-workout meal. (For maximal pain reduction, though, I would still eliminate them for 30 days unless you absolutely cannot function without, due to your training load.)

Sound good?


Oh yeah, there's one more HUGE thing.

The Last and Most Important Points:

Adopting patience and acceptance

1. The lifestyle habits you've developed over the years got you to where you are right now.
True, we've been lied to by mass media and big corporations, but we've also played a part in our condition. It is what it is. Accept this and move on.

2. You now have a solution. It is up to you to implement it into your life. During this process, it will be difficult, but absolutely crucial to have dedication, discipline, and most importantly, patience.

To be completely honest, I spent 22 years eating junk, not exercising correctly, and not nourishing my body well. It would be ridiculous of me to simply expect the effects of this to all disappear overnight.

And you shouldn't either.

But, you are guaranteed to have lots of quick, early success including significant pain relief and much more.

These results will happen as long as the plan is followed correctly, at least 90% of the time (for example, no more than 2 cheat meals or 'screw-ups' at most per week, out of 21 total meals).

FYI, in regards to pain conditions, you will feel it after a cheat meal.

The rush of refined grains, unhealthy oils, and more take an immediate toll on promoting inflammation and joint pain. So, I would definitely try my best to eat as 'clean' as possible, even for cheats. Try some home cooked rice, butter, and chicken with some paleo brownies, as opposed to ordering a deep dish, Meat Lover's pizza.

With all this being said:
Beyond the early successes, for most people, there is more work to be done in pursuit of the body, mind, and life you want. Practice acceptance, have dedication, and give it time.

And moving on, read the '6 Weeks to Lean' Exercise Guide, which includes a quite detailed section of reducing pain through foam rolling (self myosfascial release) and stretching.

So if you're not quite in workout-ready shape yet, you can at least get a jumpstart on relieving pain and feeling better!

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