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Advanced Fat Loss - Calorie Cycling, Carb Cycling and Intermittent Fasting

January 12, 2019 by Sayan


You've done everything right.

You've cut out the worst foods from your diet (except for the occasional, understandable cheat meal).

You've replaced simple sugars and refined foods with "clean" carbs.

You've upped your protein intake and started sourcing your fats from healthy, natural sources instead of the trans-fat laden, hydrogenated, high Omega-6 junk lurking in every aisle of the supermarket.

And you're even in the gym on a regular basis, with a good mix of strength-training anaerobic exercises and occasional cardio.

But the scale just isn't moving anymore.

Sure, depending on how much you had to lose to begin with, you may have already lost a substantial portion of your body fat.

And you should definitely be proud of that.

But now you've hit a plateau and you can't go any further, and you're frustrated. All that hard work, week after week, and it's just not working anymore.

Welcome, my friend, to a state called homeostasis. I like to call it "ahhhh this suckss!!"

The dictionary definition of homeostasis is "the property of a system that regulates its internal environment and tends to maintain a stable, relatively constant condition of properties."

In layman's terms, your body has adjusted to your diet and workout routine, and it's not dropping any more pounds or adding any more muscle - even though you're continuing to maintain (what you think) is a calorie deficit.

Here's the bad news: Your body can get used to anything.

Understand that we're still programmed to hold on to as much fat as possible, because our bodies evolved to survive through long periods of starvations, while still maintaining enough energy to run away from a hungry saber-toothed tiger.

Any chance your body gets, it will add fat, or fight your best efforts to continue losing it. We're not made for abundance; we're made to just push our way through deprivation and suffering.

This is a good thing biologically, from a long-term, evolution context. But it's a bad thing if you're trying to lose your gut and tone up your muscles.

You've got to break out of the rut!

Luckily, the other thing we as human beings evolved was an infinitely clever brain, so you can learn to force your body out of homeostasis and back into a state where you're burning fat at a rapid rate.

This is advanced fat loss, and be warned: It ain't going to be easy.

There are three major components of advanced fat loss we're going to cover here today: Calorie cycling, carb cycling, and intermittent fasting. You'll need to master one, or all, of them to bust out of your plateau and get back on the road to the body you've always dreamed of. 

Parts I and II below will cover the breakthrough nutrient cycling strategy that unleashes the fitness "holy grail": stripping off fat, while packing on lean muscle (this advanced strategy can transform your body from "decent" to "lean and irresistible" in as little as 6 weeks)

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