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Two Dangerous "Invisible Thorn" Foods Masquerading as "Heart Healthy Super Nutrients"

February 13, 2019 by Sayan


If you know anything about anything, you know of wheat and beans are the "cream of the crop" health foods.

Rich in vitamins, minerals, fiber, and various other plant-based compounds. And most
importantly, for the fat phobic, incredibly low in fat.

Even further, they're praised as triumphs of agriculture that have sustained the development of human civilization for the last 10,000 years. No disagreement here.

But what if everything you know about wheat and beans is structured on faulty, incomplete observations of wheat and bean eating populations?

What if you never learned about the vital, digestion-enhancing, disease-reducing strategies that all long-living cultures used to prepare wheat and beans?

In other words, what if the wheat and beans you think are "so healthy" are nothing more than sinister toxins, poking into your healthy cells and breaking you down from the inside out?

Well. It's true. I was beyond angry when I first learned about this. But it's crucial to know for those of us looking beyond just weight loss, and into the longevity/wellness side of things.

But let's step back a moment.

Wheat and beans definitely have their strong points.

They've effectively allowed early humans to end their nomadic movement patterns of following animals for food. And as these once-nomads began to settle down and build communities, the pathway towards the development of a myriad of farming technology was paved.

And with this evolving technology came incredible possibility, thereby propelling us into the modern age.

Now of course this is an incredibly condensed picture of civilization over the last 10,000 years or so.

But the goal is to understand the point that: without the discovery of crops such as wheat and beans, that humans could settle around, we would never have progressed into the technologically advanced lives we live today.

And going further, to say wheat and beans don't help weight loss would be stupid for lack of a better word.

They can both be very filling foods. While I did cut out wheat in the beginning, my early fat loss plans included tons of beans. And while modern-day wheat isn't the most chemically-sound food, it can be very filling (assuming you're eating 100% whole wheat). And if there's anything we've learned throughout this book, foods that are filling will help to regulate food intake and keep you under the all-important calorie balance.

So they're filling and they can help with weight loss, but that's about all I see in terms of benefits, unless you use the methods which I'll describe later in this chapter.

You see, everyone thinks wheat and beans have all these other "magical", anti-cancer, health-promoting benefits and whatnot. But none of these benefits are available to the body unless the food is properly prepared beforehand (in a 3 step process of soaking, sprouting, and fermenting process).

Nearly all successful traditional cultures do this 3-step process, but with modern advances, these processes are removed and the foods are sold to us as-is. (And of course the brains behind these companies will praise all the health benefits of the foods, without mentioning that we can't actually access the benefits.)

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Below is a list of these topics and you can use this Table of Contents to jump to the part that interests you the most.

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