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Solution To Overcoming Your Mental Barriers and Cultivating A Winner's Mentality

January 24, 2019 by Sayan


If you want to lose weight for good, look amazing, and completely change your life, then this will be the most important chapter you ever read.

It almost hurts to admit it.

But after having written 50,000+ words on weight loss, longevity, etc..

After writing content overflowing with tips, tricks and strategies you can use to transform your body for life...

I have to tell you that weight loss and having a lean, sexy body isn't just about the knowledge and techniques.

The truth is, weight loss (and really, anything challenging in life) has to start and end as an "inside job".

Basically, if you haven't tackled your "inner demons" or haven't started working on "you", success just won't come as fast as you'd like it to.

This chapter hits this part of the challenge head on. It deals with the ups and downs in life. It especially offers certain thought processes and positive mentalities needed to overcome the fears, insecurities, negative self-talk, and even self-hatred that many of us have faced in the past.

Because, again, you really can know all there is to know about nutrition, exercise, toxins, inflammation, you name it...but without a solid mental foundation (in which you really believe you can transform), you'll find yourself stuck between a rock and hard place.

You might make some progress, but it won't be as far as you want it to be.

And you'll come to a point where it seems easier to give up. (It's never easier to give up when you're looking back at it.)

But this "sticking point" is the time when you'll really need a positive self-image, motivation, and persistence to push you through.

Because you're actually just steps away from the body and life of your dreams.

Here's a quick story to get you started:

Water boils at 211 degrees Fahrenheit.

And besides the fact that it is really, really hot at 211 degrees, it's pretty much just water.

But push a little harder and get the water to 212 degrees.

And you'll watch a miracle unfold.

Because at 212 degrees, water becomes steam.

And steam will run the engine that powers a 50 ton train across the country.

Steam will power a turbine that generates electricity for a whole town, and then some.

And all it took was 1 more degree of heat. 1 more step. 1 more minute.

It took the persistence and commitment to just keep pushing bit by bit, and like a miracle, a simple pot of hot water became an amazing, life-changing ball of steam.

Sadly, most of us quit at this 211 degree stage, not realizing success is just one more degree up.
Waiting for us, right around the corner.

So, don't quit 5 minutes before the miracle.

Keep pushing, keep striving, and keep seeking to the best you can be. The results, happiness, and success will come.

And hopefully the rest of this chapter will help you see this.

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Moving forward, there are several other articles/topics I'll share so you can lose weight even faster, and feel great doing it.

Below is a list of these topics and you can use this Table of Contents to jump to the part that interests you the most.

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