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How to beat your mental roadblocks and why it can be the difference between a happy, satisfying life and a sad, fearful existence

January 19, 2019 by Sayan


1. Set a specific goal
a. Write this goal down somewhere you can see it every morning when you wake up, and every night before you sleep
i. Train your thoughts to remember this goal daily and keep it in the forefront of your mind
b. Goals must include both of the following:
i. A measurable metric ("10 pounds" or "2 dress sizes")
ii. A deadline or time frame ("June 30th" or "2 weeks", preferably use both)
c. Here are some bad goals
i. "Lose 20 pounds"
ii. "Get lean"
iii. "Look hot for beach season"
d. Here are some good goals:
i. "Lose 50 pounds before beach season (June 30th)"
ii. "Drop 1 dress size in the next 2 weeks (November 25th)"
iii. "Lose 4 inches from my waist in the next 6 weeks (December 25th)"
e. Every 2 weeks or every month, review your goal and adjust it based on your progress so far

2. Understand that everybody needs a "Harajuku Moment"
a. This moment is an "an epiphany that turns a nice-to-have into a must-have." Without this tipping point, you will fail.
b. This was first popularized by Tim Ferriss in the 4 Hour Body, and it has been crucial for all major obstacles I've overcome in my life
c. Until I had the psychic shift which turned "I want to lose weight" to "I must lose weight", I never had lasting success.

3. Relax and ease your mind with meditating
a. Start with just 2 minutes a day and slowly build the habit.
b. Add 1 or 2 minutes each week, until you're up to 10-20 minutes daily.
c. This can come in the form of prayer to, or a mix of both.

4. Write a very short, simple daily journal in which you record "wins", priorities, and gratitude
a. Every evening take just 2-3 minutes and write down 3 "wins"/things that went well today.
i. This can be something major "prepared and packed all meals for the week" or something very simple like "paid my phone bill".
ii. We all deserve great things, yourself included. Let these "wins" serve as a daily reminder of the positive momentum you're making towards your dreams.
b. Also, plan out 3-5 things you want to get done throughout the day.
i. This "priorities" list makes it clear what needs to get done to reach your goals.
ii. By keeping it at a max of 5 things to do, we keep the list manageable and doable in a daily basis.
iii. Imagine how productive you would be in just 1 month if you did anywhere between 3-5 things every day in pursuit of your goals.
c. Lastly, record a very simple daily "gratitude list"
i. Basically, write the names of people you're grateful for today
ii. For me, this usually comes in the form of family, close friends, co-workers, and anybody else you feel has had an impact on you, on a certain day.
iii. Feel free to write things/material possessions or spiritual things also
1. On certain days, I may even write down how grateful I am for the simple things like having a roof over my head and a warm meal at night.
a. This is made even more clear to me from walking around lower Manhattan at 9 a.m. and seeing homeless, penniless young people my age (25 y.o) who slept on the street overnight, in a thin sleeping bag, with 30 degree temperatures outside.
iv. This is a daily reminder that whether you have just 1 person or 1 thing, or if you have 20 things to be grateful for, you're doing OK, and no matter what obstacles you're stuck with, you'll be OK.

5. If you feel out of place in the gym, repeat this simple mantra a few times to remind yourself to work hard and stop thinking that people are watching and judging you:
i. "You look amazing. No one is watching you. Keep up the good work."

6. Every weekend choose 2 meals each for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Write them down in your journal or in a safe place.
a. Then head to the grocery store and buy the ingredients you need
b. Then cook the 1st set of these meals to last you 3-4 days.
c. Once these run out (usually on a Wednesday or Thursday, if you cook on Sunday), cook the 2nd set of the meals to last you til the weekend.
d. As a result, remove all barriers and unnecessary "thinking" attached to food choices.

7. Look at other "little things" in your life that take up big chunks of mental space, and hack away at the unessential. Some of my personal examples:
a. I use Mint.com to track spending, and I use CreditKarma.com to monitor my credit score.
i. Instead of constantly thinking about how much money I "need", I start by identifying weak points/unnecessary spending
b. I never watch the news on TV. I'll occasionally talk to people for a few minutes to hear what's going on in the world, or if I have a few free minutes I'll scroll through the major articles online.
i. As a result, I have much less stress, more positivity, and don't worry myself/build an unhealthy fear around things that are 100% out of my control.
c. I've cut out "binge" TV watching, and instead spend time doing productive things that allow me to help other people (and feel amazing as a result), like writing this book and building up a health business.
i. I'll occasionally watch an episode of something that makes me laugh like Family Guy or The Office if I want to de-stress a bit
ii. I try to never watch TV series and/or dramas since they are very, very easy to get addicted to. (I make a weekly exception when Game of Thrones is on).
iii. Don't be that guy or girl who watches 6 hours of the Walking Dead or one of their 7 other "can't miss" TV series, and gets nothing done for themselves.
d. I have 7 "nice shirts" (5 dress shirts and 2 sweaters) and 8 "nice pants" (5 dress slacks and 3 pairs of jeans/casual pants).
i. These are all well-fitting and comfortable, and I just rotate this week by week.
ii. I no longer worry about what to wear in the morning or how I'll look or anything meaningless like that.
iii. Live is much, much simpler in the morning. (I can actually get ready, from bed to the front door, in less than 7 minutes on any given day. Sure it's a bit rushed, but it works like a charm.)
iv. Also, I used to always worry that "people saw me wear this shirt last Tuesday, I can't wear it again!!". This is crazy. Trust me, no one cares to remember what you've worn on any given day, so stick to a few simple clothing choices and just rotate them every 7-10 days.

Remember: None of these strategies will work for you if you don't do them! So get to it!!

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